Over Redemption Insurance
Success surplus of an advertising campaign (satisfaction guarantee, coupon promotions, crown cap promotions etc.)

“Fixed Fee“ Insurance
One version of the over redemption insurance genre is the so-called fixed fee insurance

Prize Bonus Insurance
Insurance of bonus payments by the sponsors, insurance against relegations of sports clubs e.g. for operators of sports arenas

Prize Indemnity Insurance (Competition Insurance)
Mathematical competitions (code competitions, vault competitions, money bags, lottery etc.), Dexterity competitions (soccer template kicking, hole-in-one, basketball shots, olive throws etc.), Sales promotion activities (conditional rebates e.g. money back if it snows at Christmas or if Germany becomes world champion)

Event Cancellation Insurance
Cancellation of an event - form A / non-performance, non-appearance of people - form B / non-appearance, weather conditions (storms, rain etc.), Key Man insurance