Target Groups

As a specialist insurer, SRC offers individual coverage concepts for predefined target groups as well as for target groups of the future.

Business Area: Film Insurance

  • Production companies for movies / TV / shows / advertising / documentaries / animation etc.

  • TV stations for in-house productions and / or provisions for executive producers

  • Props and costume rental companies

Business Area: Media

  • Studio operations such as film / sound / editing / animation / synchronization

  • Rental companies for technical equipment

  • Multimedia companies

  • Advertising agencies

  • Movie theaters and playhouses

  • Professional photographers

  • Props and costume rental companies

  • Equipment suppliers

  • Film laboratories

  • Event agencies

  • Clubs, associations, organizing committees

  • Professional musicians

  • Stage equipment and PA companies

  • Motor sports event organizers / participants

Business Area: Contingency

  • Agencies: advertising agencies, event agencies, promotion agencies, city marketing agencies

  • Media: new media, telecommunications, radio, TV

  • Industry: automotive industry, food industry, beverage industry

  • Commerce: e-commerce, mail order, shopping malls, kitchen and furniture stores

  • Finance and real estate industry: banks, insurance companies, real estate companies

  • Sports: golf and other sports clubs, sports associations, sponsors, outfitters, rights marketers, TV stations

  • Music: concert agencies, musicians, hall and arena operators

  • Weather: advertising film producers, open-air cinema organizers, event organizers

  • Other: discotheques, publishers, tourism, wellness, trade shows, foundations, charity

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