Statutory Information about insurance agents

Mandatory Information for Policyholders acc. §15 of the Insurance Mediation Law (VersVermV)

1. Company name: SRC Special Risk Consortium GmbH

2. Business address: Belfortstr. 15, 50668 Cologne, Germany

3. SRC Special Risk Consortium GmbH is registered with the competent authority with a license according to § 34d paragraph 1 of the Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (Gewerbeordnung) and entered in the register of intermediaries according to § 34d paragraph 10 of the Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (Gewerbeordnung). The register can be consulted on the Internet at:

4. SRC Special Risk Consortium GmbH is not an insurance consultant in the sense of § 34d paragraph 2 GewO.

5. SRC receives a commission for the mediation of insurance contracts.

6. The commission is paid to us by the insurance company, but economically carried by the policyholder, as it is included in the insurance premium. If required and agreed with our clients, we also act on the basis of other remuneration models, e.g. in the form of fee agreements.

7. Further remunerations in the form of profit sharing are possible.

8. The remuneration can be a combination of the remunerations mentioned in number 6 and 7.

9. Registering body according to § 11a GewO:

Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag e.V. (DIHK)
Breitestraße 29
10187 Berlin
Phone: 0180-600585-0

Registration number: D-GQUY-J8BXT-81

10. There are no direct or indirect shareholdings in any insurance company.

11. No insurance company owns directly or indirectly a participation of SRC Special Risk Consortium GmbH.

12. The following bodies are responsible for arbitration and disputes:

Versicherungsombudsmann e.V.
Postfach 080632
D-10006 Berlin

Ombudsmann Private Kranken- und Pflegeversicherung
Postfach 06 02 22
10052 Berlin

Platform of the EU Commission regarding online dispute resolution