Film & TV

SRC provides individual, customer-tailored insurance solutions for films of all kinds. Whether insurance coverage for individual sections or package solutions, SRC provides tailor-made risk coverage.

Thanks to our globally assembled network we are able to offer our customers options to cover large insurance amounts and are able to facilitate additional capacities on short notice, for example for international cinema productions.

The prompt provision of all necessary formalities such as certificates, confirmations for filming permits or insurance certificates for funding parties is naturally part of our comprehensive service.

Risks & Insurances

  • Cameras and equipment

  • Film footage and recording media

  • Cast cancellation

  • Production liability

  • Production cash

  • Props

  • Additional costs due to property damage

  • Property and electronics

  • Weather


Helmut Hommelsheim (Managing director)
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Tobias Frei (Authorised officer)
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Giovanna Cacciatore
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