Private and Business Travellers with a travel budget of 100,000 EUR and more can start their trip carefree with the SRC All Risks Trip Cancellation Premium Insurance.

Travellers who cannot start their vacation due to a volcanic eruption or earthquake will be reimbursed. We will also cover you in the event of an airline strike (intervention by high authorities). No matter if your customer is exploring the South Pole with an expedition ship, sailing along the Côte d' Azur with a yacht or travelling far away from the usual tourist paths - SRC indemnifies financial losses for:

  • Illness, accident, death of the insured persons and their 1st degree relatives

  • National mourning

  • Strike

  • Civil authority and civil commotion

  • threats of terrorism and assassination

  • Natural disease e.g. at the holiday destination

  • Catastrophic weather e.g. at the holiday resort

The premium depends on the type of trip, the destination, the travel time as well as the duration of the trip, the number of travellers and the booked travel volume.

Do you have questions or are you interested? Please contact us or send us the completed questionnaire - we look forward to receiving your request.


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